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The climate system in a nutshell.

Your access to comprehensive and useful MAGICC resources, the climate carbon cycle model, which has been continually developed since its inception over 20 years ago. MAGICC stands for 'Model for the Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Induced Climate Change'. It is a prime reduced-complexity model, often used by IPCC, for key scientific publications and by a number of Integrated Assessment Models.

Download MAGICC6 or MAGICC5.3 for your PC. There are two main versions. Version 5.3 includes a graphical user interface, in combination with a pattern scaling scenario generator SCENGEN.

Run online. This is a new web-interface enabling multiple runs on our servers with the latest MAGICC version 6. You can also do probabilistic runs emulating multi-model ensembles or historically constrained model versions.

Read more. Browse our MAGICC Wiki Pages. The full MAGICC6 documentation, its algorithms, past projects completed with MAGICC and a FAQ section.